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Mark Davies Artwork

Mark Davies is a British artist that is well known for his complex, multi-layered narratives and poignantly creative use of mixed media. Unlike many other artists, Mark Davies art aims to create works with meaning, using beautiful and often bizarre subject matter or media to spark intrigue and interest within every individual who encounters his pieces. Much of the Mark Davies art for sale here at Eaton Fine Art is dark and surreal in style, but whether dark and surreal or bold and enigmatic, his love for art and long established talent for drawing and painting shines through.

Mark Davies’ Storyteller collection is what he says cemented his signature style of working. Focusing on the conception of an alterior narrative in classic stories from our childhoods, Mark Davies artist pushed the boundaries moving viewers far beyond what they knew, loved and were comfortable with. Each carried a topical message as well as showcased intense detail, merging grit and darkness with beauty and light to create thought-provoking piece after thought-provoking piece.
The resulting Mark Davies prints and original art channelled a new chronicle away from the original authors’ versions they aimed to emulate, expanding the mind and untapping emotions for both artist and collector.
More recently, Mark Davies art has seen his previous standout collection Lost in Hollywood reimagined in the form of retro VHS cases to bring something a little different and utterly imaginative to the contemporary art scene.

About Mark Davies

With a rapidly growing international collector base, Mark Davies artist has carved out quite the reputation as a mixed media specialist. Born in Bedfordshire, Mark Davies went onto study fine art and used the works of Piero Della Francesca, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Salvador Dali to inspire much of his early pieces.
After graduation, he worked on defining a style that was as mesmerising as it was moral. Artist Mark Davies’ Storyteller collection is credited with cementing his renowned style as well as winning him a legion of fans from all over the world. The Mark Davies art found in Storyteller turned those much loved tales from childhood on their heads to reveal the more sinister plot lines, undertones and motives that these cherished classics aren’t known for.

The Mark Davies art for sale here at Eaton Fine Art spans multiple collections. Yet from piece to piece, his signature style creates that wonderful interaction everyone craves between artist and audience. Mark Davies artist has a long standing repute for creating art with meaning, and uses mixed media to build a multi-layered narrative that not only fascinates upon first viewing but keeps on captivating. Mark Davies British artist currently lives in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. When he’s not busy working from his converted brick barn studio, known as ‘Hive’, he’s hosting or attending shows and other appearances, and using Mark Davies prints and original art to raise money for the causes close to his heart.

Mixed Media British artist

Using darkness and surrealism to his advantage, Mark Davies art uses mixed media in the most creative and dramatic ways. His talent for visualising a multi-layered narrative and telling his own unique version through his signature style has seen him cover a diverse range of subject matters and genres.

From stage to screen, the subjects of his pieces are created, positioned or reworked to pull on the heart strings, inspire nostalgia, spark fond memories that have long been lost or all of the above, delivering an emotional, captivating and almost cinematic experience for the audience.
His uniquely creative use of mixed media has seen Mark Davies art for sale all over the world, with his works displayed in a range of iconic venues, including the London Playhouse and Fortune Theatre. As an independent artist, Mark Davies art is also at home within our independent, Solihull-based gallery.
Mark Davies artist has hosted a long list of shows and made several more appearances since his debut to critical acclaim. As GQ Magazine once published “Mark Davies breathes new life into your favourite stories by providing the light you cannot find in the darkness and shining darkness into the light”.

Range of new and mixed artwork

Mark Davies prints and original artwork take experimentation with new and mixed media to an ultra-realistic yet surreal level. His latest works draw inspiration from his 2016 Lost in Hollywood collection to reimagine the art at its centre as a range of retro VHS cases. Each limited edition offers a twist on the classic scenes from our favourite cult films, including Titanic, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, James Bond, Jaws, Saw and Star Wars to name but a few titles. The common theme is an unparalleled level of detail and quality all wrapped up in a highly authentic VHS case.
Elsewhere, his various collections use new and mixed media ingeniously to create art and Mark Davies prints with meaning not to mention pieces that really resonate with the audience.

Mark Davies British artist uses his talent in new and mixed media to create works that raise vital funds for a variety of causes. In 2018, as well as completing the Virgin Money London Marathon, Mark Davies artist created an original piece entitled ‘A Picture of Hope’. The piece – which was inspired by his childhood love of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit – sold for £3,495. All funds went to Alzheimer’s Research UK, a cause that’s close to his heart due to his own father’s struggle with Primary Progressive Aphasia. Mark Davies was also a part of the 2016 Stars on Canvas. The charity art exhibition involves the auction of original art and has raised over £300,000 for the Willow Foundation, a national charity that provides special days for seriously ill children thanks to donations and fundraising initiatives like this. His 20cm canvas ‘Hope Remains’ was extremely popular and raised £500 for the charity. The original piece was created especially for the auction, with Mark Davies artist starting work on his canvas on a humid summer’s evening after reading about Willow’s inspiring work.

In addition to incorporating the new and mixed media Mark Davies art has become known and loved for, the piece used fibre optic lights to portray the sense of hope that is so important to its meaning.

In the same year, Mark Davies joined 12 other artists to take part in Trepass’ Snowcase, again raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. As part of the lucky 13, Mark Davies artist was given the task to create a one-of-a-kind ski helmet. His ‘More Than Words’ piece was born, and used rose petals to depict the brain as well as symbolise love, affection, beauty and something a little more delicate. The helmet was auctioned and, after 60 bids, raised £250 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Is Mark Davies’ artwork a good investment?

Whether exploring his latest releases or going way back to his debut collections, there is no doubt that Mark Davies is one of the foremost British artists for new and mixed media. Alongside his use of new and mixed media, Mark Davies utilises the art of storytelling to deliver multi-layered narratives like no other.
His successful use of new and mixed media has seen Mark Davies enjoy a series of brand collaborations, including his 2016 partnership with Luvienz Paris to create a customised bottle of Luvienz Caviar Edition Champagne for a charity auction. He used rose petals, matte black paint and black micro dust amongst other mediums to create his ‘Love Burns’ bottle.

With a variety of original works already sold internationally and many, many more Mark Davies prints displayed throughout homes, public buildings and commercial premises worldwide, an investment in this celebrated, successful contemporary artist is one well worth making.
Mark Davies’ international collector base continues to grow from strength to strength, with his forthcoming shows and appearances set to only cement his status on the contemporary art scene. Mark Davies art can also be commissioned, with clients able to order a Mark Davies art original based on their own inspiration or idea.

You can discover a wide selection of Mark Davies art for sale here at Eaton Fine Art, including original works and Mark Davies prints. Choose Mark Davies art from various collections, including the latest version of his debut Lost in Hollywood collection and the limited edition Lost in Hollywood VHS series.