JJ Adams

JJ Adams Artwork

Described as the ‘Frank Zappa of the UK Fine Art scene, mixed media artist JJ Adams has been featured in Vogue and GQ to name but a few publications. He has also worked with clients, such as Rolls Royce and Bang & Olufsen, to develop works, icons and buildings that incorporate his own brand of unique, pop culture-influenced creativity.

As a result, JJ Adams is one of the country’s most celebrated and collectible artists, with JJ Adams prints and original artwork highly recognisable styles. Alongside his gallery work, JJ Adams has used his flair for and blend of different mediums to curate and design art and interiors for three London-based eateries and bars. This includes the creation of Adam and Eve-inspired light box pieces for Adam Handling’s Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Frog’ in Covent Garden. JJ Adams has also raised money for various charities through the sale of his work, including the Willow Foundation, British Liver Trust, Lymphoma Action, and the NHS.

About JJ Adams

JJ Adams was born in Plymouth before emigrating to and growing up in Cape Town, South Africa during the early 1980s. After realising his love for drawing at a young age, JJ Adams spent much of his childhood reading graphic novels and creating his own accompanying artwork. Yet at school, his style was very much misunderstood.

Whilst he moved back to the South West of England in the mid-1990s, JJ Adams credits his youth in Cape Town, part-time apprenticeship in a busy tattoo parlour, and time spent in the studio of his best friend’s father – renowned South African contemporary artist Derric van Rensburg – as the early experiences that shaped his unique and highly experimental style.

The vibrancy of Cape Town still influences his colour and medium choices today. The pop art vibes so strongly represented on the streets of this famous city seep into his designs decades on. JJ Adams often returns to Cape Town to refuel his creativity, going back to his grassroots to refocus.
Upon returning to the UK with an ambition to become a tattoo artist, he lived and worked in Camden, London, before returning to his birthplace of Plymouth to study commercial printing. He worked as a graphic designer for a number of years, specialising in sign making but his passion to create and experiment with art still dominated his spare time. After selling a selection of JJ Adams art to a local gallery, he decided to pursue art full-time and at this point, moved back to London to kick start his career.

JJ Adams art, including JJ Adams prints and the JJ Adams original art for sale right here at EFA Gallery, is known for its use of different mediums, with the artist admitting to “using anything I can find” to create his pieces. JJ Adams currently lives and works in West Sussex, creating the iconic JJ Adams prints and original art from his studio situated in an old, converted mill.

Original art for sale

With a wide range of JJ Adams original art for sale, we have a great appreciation for this artist’s unique and charismatic style. JJ Adams art uses a distinctive blend of varying mediums. Whether spray painting, hand painting, airbrushing, stencilling, screen printing, collaging, digital compositing, matte painting, or using photography or graffiti, the resulting artwork is bold and in your face, the perfect representation of JJ Adams’ love of pop culture.
Whilst JJ Adams’ use of colour is well regarded, his utilisation of black/white and muted tones harnesses an equally impressive power creating prints and original art that is made to be noticed.

JJ Adams art calls on inspiration from a diverse selection of resources, including his childhood in Cape Town and different levels of pop culture found across TV in South Africa and the UK, cartoons, comic books, and sci-fi novels. JJ Adams is also a long-time admirer of the works of Norman Rockwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Sir Peter Blake, Drew Struzan, John Alvin, Guy Peelleart, Storm Thorgerson, Coop, and Jim Phillips, influences that are evident in some form throughout the JJ Adams original art for sale right here.

Range of new and mixed artwork

In addition to the JJ Adams original art for sale at EFA Gallery, we also stock a range of JJ Adams limited edition pieces, including the exciting and exclusive God Save the Queen mini-series and Star Wars-themed JJ Adams prints.

Whether browsing our JJ Adams original art for sale or JJ Adams prints, the sheer range of new and mixed art work provides a tantalising taste of why this artist has been nominated and shortlisted for a number of awards, including Best Selling Published Artist, Artist of the Year and Most Popular Published Artist. His rebellious youth and love for new and mixed media is immortalised in the original art and prints that bear his name.

As a style, the JJ Adams art for sale is known for blurring the lines between traditional and digital, with his passion and skill for drawing and painting on canvas only enhanced by his digital work and experimentation with new mediums. Fusing new and mixed media effortlessly, combining his own colour palettes, and pushing the use of texture and objects to a whole different level, JJ Adams art uses technology to its advantage, expressing and embracing (not escaping) pop culture in the most pioneering way.

Is JJ Adams’ artwork a good investment?

With artwork that brings spaces and places to life, it’s easy to see why the JJ Adams art for sale at EFA makes for an excellent investment. With influences coming from all angles, JJ Adams offers an exciting take on contemporary art that’s eye-catchingly beautiful, effortlessly cool, and unbelievably creative and confident – what’s more collectible and investible than that? Exploring the best JJ Adams art for sale is simple. You can view and purchase JJ Adams prints and original art right here.