Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson Artwork

Ethereal, elegant and utterly enchanting, Katy Jade Dobson art provides a stunning look at nature at its best. Katy Jade Dobson’s use of colour defines her unique style and so too does her talent for using oil paints and keen eye for the most characterful subjects and scenes within the natural world.
Katy Jade Dobson artist describes her paintings as a “form of worship”, and the resulting originals and Katy Jade Dobson prints are testament to that. For avid collectors of the Katy Jade Dobson original art for sale here at Eaton Fine Art, there’s an important element of escapism that makes her work the perfect addition to any place or space.

In the chaotic world in which we live, Katy Jade Dobson art celebrates the planet, its animals and its icons at their most beautiful, with her subjects from wildlife stunningly displayed on canvas.

About Katy Jade Dobson

Born in North East Yorkshire, Katy Jade Dobson’s progression within the art world was far from traditional. With a strong affiliation with art from an early age and a clear talent for it, Katy Jade Dobson artist took the self-taught route initially to hone her skills for drawing and painting.

Growing up, Katy Jade Dobson spent her time painting stone animals in her grandma’s backyard. Instead of taking inspiration from the many esteemed artists that hail from her beautiful home region – David Hockney, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth are just a few of the talented artists that come from the area – she became captivated by French symbolist painter, printmaker and pastellist Odilon Redon, and so began her obsession with creating ethereal portraits and detailed sketches.

Unlike Redon, who predominantly used charcoal and lithography to create works that are widely considered the precursor to Dadaism and Surrealism, Katy Jade Dobson honed her skills using oil, a medium that she still prefers to this day. She went onto study Fine Art at the University of Lincoln, a city that inspired her throughout her creative journey and where she currently resides. After graduating, she established herself quickly in the realm of fine art, with 2013 becoming something of a breakout year for Katy Jade Dobson art.

Katy Jade Dobson now enjoys a hugely successful career as well as international acclaim, a worldwide collector base and a series of sell-out collections. Katy Jade Dobson is considered one of the UK’s leading artists for scenic and nature oil paintings.

British nature artwork

Best known for her British nature artwork, Katy Jade Dobson is well regarded for her spontaneous painting style, rich palettes and dynamic elegance. The expressive use of colour in her original art and Katy Jade Dobson prints makes for rousing pieces that create drama and instil a feeling of etherealism, peace and harmony all at the same time. A celebrated British nature artist, Katy Jade Dobson’s portrayal of the natural world is iconic, exciting and truly beautiful. Offering a poignant mix of surrealism and nature, Katy Jade Dobson art evokes a calm amongst the chaos, and uses equally natural techniques and traditional applications (with zero digital intervention) to cement her signature style.

A range of scenic & nature oil paintings

Whether a single subject or an entire scene, Katy Jade Dobson art portrays a dream-like presence that is truly iconic. Predominantly oil on canvas, Katy Jade Dobson art is a riot of colour and drama, with the traditional mediums used by the artist making the originals rich and tactile yet delicate and beautiful. Her use of colour, composition and form offers a style that can’t be shied away from, yet is always pleasing to the eye. Many of her originals and Katy Jade Dobson prints depict family groups, sharing a story that often pulls on the heart strings as audiences make their own correlations between human and animal family bonds. Her single subject pieces are just as impactful, showing the true character and beauty of each featured animal in brilliant technicolour.

Alongside her group and single subject works, her scenic oil paintings offer an opulence and vibrancy that is out of this world. Katy Jade Dobson art doesn’t always rely on colour to communicate the beauty of its subject matter. While forgoing the intense colour Katy Jade Dobson is known and loved for, her abstract Study artworks are far from ‘back to basics’. They showcase her prowess for fine art further, using muted tones and powerful blends to display every last, glorious detail.

Is Katy Jade Dobson’s artwork a good investment?

Blurring the lines between contemporary and traditional art, Katy Jade Dobson’s use of old-world methods to amplify the beauty, curiosity and fragility of the natural world provides a bittersweetness that is simply irresistible. This is just one of the many reasons why a wide range of collectors have already invested in Katy Jade Dobson art.

In addition to simply offering stunningly captivating pieces for framing and hanging, the work of British nature artist Katy Jade Dobson is already widely recognisable throughout the art world, despite her short time within the industry.

Katy Jade Dobson has already achieved international acclaim, grown an enviable collector base around the world, and won over a legion of fans both online and off. Katy Jade Dobson has also appeared on the cover of The Journal Magazine and been featured in the American Cliché, two media moments that occurred during the first year of her career as a professional, full-time artist. Katy Jade Dobson art (including original paintings, limited edition pieces, sketches, and Katy Jade Dobson prints) have been the feature of many exhibitions and solo shows. They’ve been the catalyst behind a number of commissions too, such as the creation of several large-scale, bespoke pieces for the Adam Handling Chelsea restaurant in London.

Amongst all the collections, commissions and exhibitions, Katy Jade Dobson has found the time to pen an eBook. A Simple Guide to Painting with Oils by Katy Jade Dobson aims to inspire the next big names in scenic and nature oil painting, as well as help hobbyists, enhance their skills using one of the most beautiful and versatile materials around.

Katy Jade Dobson also uses her talent and the resulting art to raise money for the causes that are close to her heart and significant considering the subject matter of her work. She auctioned an original painting entitled ‘Glory’ to raise vital funds for WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) in the wake of the devastating bushfires that affected Australia, 12 million acres of habitat and the wildlife that called it their home.

For Katy Jade Dobson, her art isn’t just her living, it’s a way of life, with the painting itself a meditative practice. The intricately detailed Katy Jade Dobson original art for sale here is a celebration of her second love (after art of course) for wildlife as well as an opportunity to invest in the artistic ventures of one of the best British nature artists of our generation. Shop our collection of Katy Jade Dobson original art for sale as well as a series of limited edition Katy Jade Dobson prints to discover the ultimate investment piece.