It’s that time of year again when everywhere you look, there’s a mass-produced gift idea that you can’t imagine being appreciated. You’re looking for something special and unique for someone who matters to you. Perhaps this person is always pulling you into galleries, or showing you their favourite portraits. Maybe they’re someone who appreciates the visual or loves a good story, well told.

Art can provide a window onto any subject, so whatever the person you’re buying for is interested in, a painting could be the perfect way to show them you appreciate that about them. In this article, we’ve collected the paintings under £500 in our collection into genres, so that you can easily search by interest.

Fine Art is a Unique, Luxury Gift for Art Lovers

Whoever you’re buying for, an original art piece can be a fantastic addition to their home, adding character and interest to any space. There’s a good chance if you’ve been browsing our website, you’ll already have seen something that a friend or family member will love.

Tips for Buying Fine Art Christmas Gifts

It might be a big decision for you to choose a painting for someone, as they are an investment and an unconventional gift. However, following some simple advice can calm any concerns, and help you choose an artwork they will love.

  • Small is beautiful – a small frame is easier for the recipient to place in their home, whereas large pieces can be more disruptive.
  • Personal touch – Choose something that matches their interests. If they already have art on display at home, or their decor has a certain character, use these as a guide to their taste.
  • Forget Seasonal Gifts – just because you are giving art as a Christmas gift, you don’t have to match the season with the imagery you choose. Art can be about anything, there’s no need for it to feel festive.
  • Trust your gut – it can be easy to overthink buying artwork, but the chances are if you get a feeling about a piece for somebody you know well, it’s the right choice.

Choosing Art for Someone Else by Theme

Buying Art for someone else is an art in itself. Allow your knowledge of the recipient’s interests and personality to guide your choice. It can be tricky not to let your own tastes blur the lines here, so try to put yourself in their shoes and think of the things you know they love.

Art Gifts for Romantics

For the person who loves romance, who chooses love as a guiding light in their life, these paintings might make a great Christmas present.

Loved up By Dale Bowen

Loved Up by Dale Bowen – EFA Gallery

Love Town by Dale Bowen - EFA Gallery

Love Town by Dale Bowen – EFA Gallery

These bright, colourful pieces by Dale Bowen thematise all kinds of love. With hearts floating from the chimneys into a clear sky, Bowen finds a simple way to illustrate the complex sense that love is both personal and pervasive.

I Choose Love by Monica Vincent

I Choose Love By Monica Vincent – EFA Gallery

Monica Vincent’s digital artwork has its own recognisable flavour, using photography and 3D digital manipulation. She mixes traditional tattoo art, graffiti lettering and iconic imagery to create original pieces.

Love in Venice (small) by Andrei Protsouk

Love in Venice (Small) by Andrei Protsouk – EFA Gallery

Andrei Protsouk’s joyful, geometric paintings have a celebratory feel, frequently centring on love as a universal theme with couples dancing or embracing in many pieces. This small, hand-embellished print of Protsouk’s Love in Venice is a beautiful example, expressing the romance of Venetian life.

The Royal Countess of Blerone by Ovi

The Royal Countess Of Blerone by Ovi – Eaton Fine Art

Chasing Rainbows~ by Leanne Christie

Chasing Rainbows – by Leanne Christie

This rich floral piece by Leanne Christie is perfect for brightening a room, with riotous rainbow flowers and stems giving a great sense of movement. Christie’s collection at Eaton Fine Arts includes many celebrations of abundance in highly textured pieces, predominately oil, embellished with glitter, jewels and gold leaf.

Art Gifts for Parents or Grandparents

Leigh Lambert’s collection of sketches and oil paintings draw on the artist’s childhood memories, with a strong sense of nostalgia in the characters, setting and titles.

They are family-focused, capturing special moments that make the hard work of raising children worthwhile. His minimal use of colour brings the playing figures into focus amidst monochromatic landscapes, giving each image a sense of memory or dreamscape.

That’s Kept Them Quiet – Paper by Leigh Lambert

That’s Kept Them Quiet – Paper by Leigh Lambert – EFA Gallery

We Timed that Right – Canvas by Leigh Lambert

We Timed That Right – Canvas by Leigh Lambert – EFA Gallery

For a really special gift for an art lover this Christmas, this limited edition signed book of prints by Leigh Lambert collects the story of his childhood in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


Those Were The Days – Limited Edition Book by Leigh Lambert

Art Gifts for Adventurers

If the person you’re buying for is often travelling, an inspiring landscape might be the piece for them. Just gazing into these detailed pieces can take you on a journey in moments.

a way of life

A Way Of Life by Mark Davies

This view of Brighton pier from below by Mark Davies captures a beautiful sunset fading into a starry sky from behind the pier buildings. The details in the foreground build up layers of an unseen moment in the 1979 classic film, Quadrophenia.

Lake District Farmhouse by Duncan Palmar Arsma

Lake District Farmhouse by Duncan Palmar RSMA

This breathtaking view of a farmhouse nestled in a valley is undeniably a Lake District scene. Rugged clouds sweep the peaks of rocky ranges, as the light plays on the heather and bracken slopes. Sheep graze in the fields, but the puff of white chimney smoke is the only sign of life.

Duncan Palmar’s Lakeland paintings may be the perfect artistic Christmas present for the fell-walker in your life. Browse the artist’s page on our website for more landscapes and beach scenes.


Westminster Flurries by Neil Dawson

Neil Dawson’s oil paintings capture light and shadow in night-time cityscapes, offering a view of the beauty of city life.

Art Gifts for Car Lovers

Paul Oz’s detailed portraits capture timeless moments in sport and film with power and paint splatter. Using vibrant colours and realism, the collection showcases some of the best moments in Formula One.


Lewis McLaren by Paul Oz

Art Gifts for Bookworms

Dave Markham’s Brits and Mortar series illustrates the homes of famous authors, thinkers and musicians in a kitsch cartoon style, with handwritten information surrounding it. Find your loved one’s favourite author’s home in the collection.

William Shakespeare’s House by Dave Markham

Wanderlust (the Wind in The Willows) by Mark

Wanderlust (The Wind in the Willows) by Mark Davies

Another Mark Davies piece, this playful reimagining of The Wind in the Willows creates a humorous, joyful scene.

Art Gifts for Film Buffs

Limited Edition I Am by Paul Oz

Limited Edition I Am by Paul Oz

There is a great range of paintings and prints in our collection which pay homage to classic films. Mark Davies and Paul OZ are again front and centre, with OZ’s portrait of Yoda making a grown-up gift for Star Wars fans.

Vendetta (the Godfather) by Mark Davies

Vendetta (The Godfather) by Mark Davies

Davies’ range of digital artwork often layers images and details from films, recreating scenes and classic moments with a sense of magic and playfulness. This piece, based on The Godfather, demonstrates the power and glamour of that iconic, threatening character.


Under The Sea by Craig Davison

Bad To The Bone by Craig Davison

Bad To The Bone by Craig Davison

Craig Davison’s playful artwork transforms favourite movie characters into children’s play. The shadowy characters in the background provide an insight into the child’s imagination as they pretend to be Ariel the mermaid or imagine themselves as intergalactic outlaws.

Strange Time By Craig Davison


We’re Off To See The Wizard by Craig Davison

Art Gifts for Music Lovers

Some people can’t get enough of classic music. Celebrate their passion with these paintings as Christmas presents for music lovers.

We Can Be Heroes by Jj Adams

We Can Be Heroes By JJ Adams Rule Britannia Collection

JJ Adams’ Rule Britannia collection immortalises classic musicians in a postage stamp. Colourful profile portraits in clean lines create a pop-art feel.

Fine Art for Christmas – Delivered to your door

At Eaton Fine Art Gallery, we’re proud to offer free UK delivery on all artworks over £300. We aim to dispatch your order within 2-7 days of receipt, using a specialist art courier service to ensure that your order arrives safely. Pieces will be delivered within 7 days of dispatch. For pieces we have in stock at the gallery, we recommend ordering at least 20 days before Christmas to ensure it arrives on time.