Are you one of those many people hunting for that perfect piece of artwork, but can never quite find something quite right? It’s time to think about commissions!

We know the idea of putting control into someone elses hands can be daunting, but we are here to explain a little about how the process works and show you some incredible examples of past commissions so that you can see what is possible.


People are often surprised by how easy it is – our team is here to take you through every step! Just get in touch with us on phone or email to say hello and make your enquiry with no obligations, and we go from there. If you have already found an artist whose style you like, even better – but if not, we can discuss your tastes and ideas and provide you with a tailored selection of examples!

Commissions are quoted on a basis of size + complexity of the proposed image, and you can get a quote with absolutely no commitment required after finding the perfect artist for you and an initial discussion of your thoughts and ideas.

After the quote has been agreed, our team puts together a full brief on your behalf which you can be as involved with as you like, a deposit is placed to officially order the commission, and then we hand it over to the artist to begin work! At this point, you can choose to be surprised by the end product or kept up to date with progress – it’s a completely unique experience for everyone. Each one of our artists has their own methods, but they have all worked closely with us to create these bespoke artworks and have been successful time after time.

Once the artwork is finished, you can either be sent an image from the artists studio to approve the final piece/make any last minute adjustments or you can wait and have the final reveal with us in the gallery – or have your brand new artwork delivered and installed into your home!

But that’s enough reading for now – check out some of the incredible artworks created for us by our artists, and just get in touch to find out more or see what other artists are available for commissions!


Here are some examples of Ed’s amazing commission work for us – from truly personalised works featuring favourite buildings and past places of work to bringing a favourite holiday destination into your home, he has produced some truly fantastic commissions for us that are now treasured possessions of many.


Ben Jeffery is one of our most talented painters – his portrait and landscape work is second to none and has created these artworks honoring family, love, and making dreams come true by adding extra members to classic rock bands!


If you’re after something truly showstopping and a fantastic investment, JJ Adams is your man – get a family portrait like no other, turn your favourite movie or celebrity into an masterpiece or dream up a dystopian landscape…


Here is a look at one of Katy’s beautiful commissions – immortalising the flowers of a wedding bouquet in a truly captivating way!


If colourful abstracts are more your thing, look no further than Amanda Jones – her glossy multilayered resin, acrylic and metallic artworks are truly beautiful, and she can incorporate amazing details!


Bring your treasured vehicles inside the home with Fleetwood – pay homage your first car or give your current pride and joy the treatment it deserves with a unique artwork which can be packed with custom details!


Take a trip down memory lane and create something which will become a treasured family possession with Leigh Lambert! The master of nostalgia, Leigh can capture childhoods and family legacies like no other.


Mark’s amazing talents can take your imagination and make it reality! Check out what he did with turning the Marvel Avengers into a truly beautiful artwork and how you can customise the framing of some of his already published artworks…


Let Jane Morgan transport you to summertime and a gorgeous array of florals – customised with your own composition and selection of plants. You can choose anything – from the flowers that grew in a grandparents garden to matching the colour scheme of your living room!